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When it comes to the safety of your loved ones be sure you hire a
authorized Chimney liner installer for your CT Chimney Liner Repair.

We are Ct's Certified Liner Installers and also factory authorized
technicians. We will be sure to properly install your new stainless steel
chimney liner to factory specs while maintaining the chimneys UL listing.
We have installed hundreds of chimney liners in Ct over the years.

Our stainless steel Chimney liners offer Connecticut residents a

Call us today to schedule your CT Chimney Liner Repair.
only way to know if your chimney is in need of a liner is to schedule an appointment
with CT Chimney Repair and let us give you a certified inspection Today.
Chimney Liners are commonly
installed for:

  • Heating Systems
  • Fireplaces
  • Wood Stoves
  • Pellet Stoves
  • Water Heaters

Gas, Oil, Wood,Coal,Pellet and More
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Chimney In West Hartford, Ct with gas
heating system in need of a Chimney
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CT Chimney liner repair
Proper liner sizing is a must!
Pre-installation liner inspection.
Why Do I Need A Stainless Steel Chimney Liner?
We just bought a wood-burner, and the guy at the fireplace shop says they aren't
allowed to install it unless they also put in a stainless steel liner kit all the way to the top
of my chimney. Why would that be? What's in a liner kit anyway? And why stainless
A: There are four situations relating to your existing chimney that would cause your
code authority to require a stainless liner for a wood stove installation:

1) The existing chimney is unlined. In the past, some masonry chimneys were built
without any liner at all. Without a liner, wood exhaust can leak through the mortar joints
into the house. Further, liquid creosote will eventually dissolve the binder in the mortar
and soak into the joints, until the chimney itself could catch fire!

2) The existing chimney is lined, but the liner is cracked or damaged. Masonry chimney
liners are made of terra cotta clay or pumice, which can crack from chimney fires,
settling, or other causes. Cracks in a pumice or clay flue liner will let the smoke and
liquid creosote through, leading to the same problems described above.

3) The existing chimney is lined, but the liner is too large. Oversized flues cause
numerous problems, like smoke spillage into the house when they're cold, stove
overfiring when they finally heat up, and the kind of excessive creosote formation that
leads to chimney fires. Code prohibits venting any woodburner into a chimney flue with
a cross-sectional area (CSA) that is more than three times the CSA of the flue collar on
the stove. Thus, if your stove has a 6" flue collar (28 sq.in. CSA), the chimney flue must
have a CSA less than 84" (3 x 28). In other words, if the chimney flue is larger than 10"
round (78 sq.in. CSA) or 9" x 9" (81 sq.in. CSA), you must install a 6" stainless liner.
This rule gets tougher if one or more of the chimney surfaces is on an outside wall, so it
is exposed to outdoor temperatures for its entire length: in those cases, the CSA of the
flue can't be larger than two times the CSA of the flue collar, so you must reline if the
existing flue is larger than 8" round or 7" x 7".

4) The existing chimney is air-cooled, like the manufactured metal chimney used for
zero-clearance wood fireplaces. Cooling the exhaust from an airtight woodstove leads
to balky updraft, smoke spillage and excessive creosote formation. Installing an
insulated liner helps eliminate those problems.
Woodstove liners must be made of stainless steel, because up inside the chimney,
wood creosote would rapidly turn most other metals into swiss cheese.
Chimney with no flue liner
Cracked Chimney Flue liner
Example #1
Unlined Chimney
Example #2
Cracked liner in
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Ct Chimney Repair
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Ct Chimney Repair
Serving ALL of Connecticut
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Chimney liner is basically a clay made, ceramic or metallic conduit that forms the inner lining of a
chimney. The purpose of this lining is to contain the combustion products. Moreover, chimney liners
protect the wall of the chimney from heat and corrosion. This shows the importance of chimney liners
that is why chimney lining is considered mandatory in most of the fire codes. We can describe the
functions of CT chimney liners in the following three points:

1.Protection from accidents: Liner helps in protecting the house or the office by intercepting the
transfer of head from the fireplace to inflammable items. Research has showed that without chimney
liners heat can put on fire the woods adjacent to chimney in less then 200 min.

2.Increasing the life of masonry: Latest studies have shown that the byproducts of combustion can
penetrate the brick and mortar of masonry and thus decrease the life of chimney. This is because of
the acidic nature of flue gases that can corrode the flue tiles of the chimney. If the mortar joints are
eroded to a larger extent then there is possibility that the dangerous flue gases including carbon
monoxide may enter living areas of home.  Having a high quality stainless steel chimney liner will
increase the life of your heating system or fireplace and save you from any unpleasant incidence.

3.Ideal sized flue formation: It is important that the correct sized flue is installed for proper functioning
of modern stoves, water heaters and furnaces.  It is the chimney liner which directly affects the size of
flue. If it fails to vent PROPERLY then dangerous flue gases can be formed even with high quality fuel
and appliances.

There are multiple types of chimney liners among which clay tiled chimney liners, cement, and
stainless steel chimney liners. In CT stainless steel chimney liners are among the best performers.  
The selection of right chimney repair contractor that would conduct chimney lining sizing and
installation is as important as the selection of the type of chimney liner you purchase. From the above
mentioned facts you will realize the importance of selecting the right CT chimney contractor. CT
Chimney Repair has all the expertise in the niche of chimney liners. We offer our services in a large
region that include the towns of Avon, Farmington, West Hartford, Simsbury, Canton, Hartford,
Newington, Berlin, New Britain and all of Connecticut. Choose us if you want the best.